Hypnotherapy session feedback

Garry has helped myself and my friends overcome a number of issues in our lives, I can highly recommend Garry as a Hypnotherapist, he is kind and very helpful and takes time to work with you.

Kylie Ross

Garry helped me with my weight loss and stopped me overeating on snacks, junk food, large portions and second helpings, and I saw him for only 2 x sessions and I lost 2-3 kgs after the first session, amazing. You must go to Garry for hypnosis for help with changing eating habits.

Tanya Woods

Weight Loss

Its was so good to eventually find help with issues that have been plaguing me for a long time now. But Garry got me through and over them, thank you for your help.

Leanne Ford

Many thanks for helping me stop smoking after all these years, thanks again Garry.

Keith Brown

Quit Smoking

Wow, cant thank you enough, I understand the benefits of hypnotherapy now.

Susan Furness

Amazing hypnotherapist, really want to thank you for your help and patience.

Best wishes Mary

Mary Allen

I want to thank for your all your help.

Regards Cornel

Cornel Watson

I wanted to share this feedback with my clients permission to show that Hypnotherapy can help you with many issues at any age!

Dear Garry,

I thought you might like a progress report and I am very happy to tell you I am no longer in the ‘Deep, Dark Pit’


On a scale of one to 10, I’d estimate an 8 and improving every day. I have overcome the addictive thoughts about food and I am losing weight as a result, feeling more energy now. Suicide ideation has stopped bothering me


I am now sleeping for five to six hours a night, which is a great improvement and the outcome of that, is that I have lost all the lethargy that has plagued me for so long and that has improved on every aspect of my contentment and well being day by day.


There is double bonus here. There has been a tremendous improvement in my memory and instant recall.


Here is another bonus. I am able to concentrate and précis my reading, whereas before I came to see you for help, I would forget what the first paragraph was about before I finished the next one.


I practice every day and I am achieving the goals I have set myself.


The pain from spinal cavity stenosis, the spinal arthritis and the scoliosis and sciatica has now eased a fair amount, and when my GP returns from holidays I will discuss weaning off the medication for pain and depression.

So to have this much improvement overall in a short time and with only two sessions of hypnotherapy is a remarkable achievement.


Do you remember my saying that I saw the word God near the end of my first session with you? I have to say that at first, I was somewhat stunned. I didn’t know what to think. However, now I feel it was a nudge from my subconscious mind, reminding me to return to my Christian life.

So I thank you for this truly amazing phenomenon and great change in my life at my age.

Yours Faithfully


83 years old - Various issues

Hi Garry,

Just a quick email to give you some positive feedback. I have only been on the horse a couple of times since I saw you last but all going well. However, the interesting news is do with my “edges” thing… I was staying in the city for a few days last week to attend system configuration workshops for the project I’m on at the moment – both the hotel and the boardroom we were meeting in had floor to ceiling glass.

I could stand right at the edge of the glass on the 18th floor and look out AND down with absolutely no sensation or thought – other than “Wow” — thank you so much, this has made a huge difference to me and above all, reinforces how I need to seek out any ways that my subconscious is limiting me and deal with it. Thanks again – it must be very rewarding to help people change their lives

Kind regards Narelle


Vertigo and Horse Riding

Just a short note to say a big “Thank You”

I managed to be calm before my speech and speak with confidence and without being nervous. Normally I had a nervous cough to the point of nearly vomiting which after your sessions disappeared!! My husband was amazed at how calm I was before and during my speech. Our night was a great success and even more so because I was relaxed.

Thanks again Garry

Kind regards Susan


Public Speaking

Personal CD’s Feedback

Hi Garry,

I am most impressed that you have covered a lot, I am confident that this CD will be most beneficial, Garry thank you very much


Multiple Sclerosis

BRILLIANT! Blown away by the product and Garry’s professionalism, totally THRILLED!


Really eased my Dads pain and helped his recovery.


Fathers Heart Operation Recovery

Great Product, thanks for the time and effort you put into my CD.


Hi Garry,

I want to thank you for the recent hypnosis CD’s . I am a stand up comedian and decided to try your public speaking CD as I have been experiencing self doubt and confidence issues which have been interfering with my work progress. I used your CD hours before I was due to perform, and just had to send you an e-mail to tell you how much it helped. I do not think I have ever felt so confident and at ease during a performance. It was brilliant, my performance was very focused and my mind did not run off as it normally does when the nerves set in. I have had hypnosis before, and have spent hundreds of dollars with a hypnotherapist, but the outcome was nowhere near as good as your CD, thank you so much. So again I applaud you for your amazing work you do in helping others get the most out of life, you have really helped me shine brighter.

All the Best, Vera Mackney

Vera Mackney

Stand up Comedy

Very quick to receive and awesome product.


Self Esteem

Professional caring and honest advice and service. THANK YOU.


Weight Control

CD & MP3 Feedback

This really helps me get back to sleep and fast, the recording works much better than binaural beats, isochrones and sleeping pills, I am much relieved. Very happy! Thanks!



Hi Gary,

I should have written to you sooner, but the middle of last year i bought the stop nail biting cd from you. i have suffered with nail biting since a child,i was always so embarrassed about it. thanks to you, i have stopped biting my nails. im very proud of my nails. my daughter said to me i should cut them they are too long! i had a manicure not long ago for the second time and the lady commented on how beautiful my nails were,and it was good to see someone with real nails! many thanks to you!



Biting Nails

Great CD, worked first time!! And its been 8 days now without any alcohol.



I cant believe its working, already seeing results, So Happy!!


Weight Loss & Self Esteem

AWESOME! I have already lost almost 10kgs since I’ve had the CD! Eating Less and exercising!


Weight Loss

EXCELLENT HYPNOTHERAPY, I have cut ciggies out of my life. THANK YOU


Quit Smoking

Thanks for the great item, I can feel the difference already.


Self Esteem

Thank You—Awesome CD



Tried to eat HOT CHIPS—YUK—it sure works.


Weight Loss