Hypnotherapy session feedback

Hi Gary
I just wanted to say thank you I haven’t smoked at all since our sessions I’m on day 296 it is
amazing. I cannot thank you enough. I will def come back if I get anxiety again I now know
how much hypnotherapy works and how powerful the mind is. Your sessions changed my
life and I’m truly grateful- Toni


Hi Garry,
Thank you for helping me with my motivation for weight loss. Christmas has just gone and
for the first time I have been able resist eating Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, mince
pies, chocolates and all the things I usually eat but shouldn’t. I find now that when I go to the
fridge to eat something I stop and think if I should eat it or not whereas before I would eat it
regardless. Also, this was the first Christmas ever that I did not put on a ounce of weight!!
Unbelievable!! it was normal for me to put on 2kgs or 3kgs after Christmas. I found
hypnotherapy with you very relaxing and calming and felt positive and happy after and more
determined than ever to lose this weight. Thanks again Julie

Weight Control

Dear Garry,
Just a quick note to let you know that the pain in my left shoulder has gone. I was very
skeptical before my sessions that Hypnotherapy would work for me but was willing to give it
a try. After our first session I still had the pain but within a week of having the second
session the pain quietly faded and I haven’t had the pain since. My shoulder is still a bit stiff
if I try to lift my hand up behind my back, but the pain has certainly gone. When I had the
pain, I was aware of it all through the night and just couldn’t get comfortable but now I am
pain free, don’t need to take pain killing drugs or gel rubs. Thank you so much Mary

Pain Management

Dear Garry,
I can’t thank you enough for your help with my insomnia. As you know I was waking up
every one or two hours all through the night but after the sessions I had with you I now only
wake up once a night (to go to the toilet) and some nights I sleep all night. I can’t remember
how many times in the last 20 years I have been able to do that. I Thank you once again.


Zac (Zacs mum) fought in the state titles on the weekend and made it to the final.  He said
that your therapy helped him tremendously many thanks Joan

Boxing - Sports Performance enhancement

Dear Garry,
I’m a pensioner, and I must admit, had my doubts about Hypnotherapy. But after just two
sessions I feel very calm and relaxed and much more confident and in control of my life. And
I can now cross the road with a lot more confidence and no fear!

Stress and fear of crossing the road

Hi Garry
Just had to let you know that I went for a ride today. I felt a bit nervous before I set out but
nowhere near as bad. A couple of times Dusty was a bit naughty, but I still felt very calm and
in control. I rode out and had a great time, I even cantered along a lovely stretch, this is
something I haven't been able to do since my previous horse, Rambo died. I had a ball today
and I can't thank you enough. I have even booked to take Dusty to a clinic in Dec. Thanks so
much, I think I am slowly on my way back now, see you in a few months to fix my
competition nerves!!

Fear of horses

Garry has helped myself and my friends overcome a number of issues in our lives, I can highly recommend Garry as a Hypnotherapist, he is kind and very helpful and takes time to work with you.

Kylie Ross

Garry helped me with my weight loss and stopped me overeating on snacks, junk food, large portions and second helpings, and I saw him for only 2 x sessions and I lost 2-3 kgs after the first session, amazing. You must go to Garry for hypnosis for help with changing eating habits.

Tanya Woods
Weight Loss

Its was so good to eventually find help with issues that have been plaguing me for a long time now. But Garry got me through and over them, thank you for your help.

Leanne Ford

Personal CD’s Feedback

Hi Garry,

I am most impressed that you have covered a lot, I am confident that this CD will be most beneficial, Garry thank you very much

Multiple Sclerosis

BRILLIANT! Blown away by the product and Garry’s professionalism, totally THRILLED!


Really eased my Dads pain and helped his recovery.

Fathers Heart Operation Recovery

Great Product, thanks for the time and effort you put into my CD.


Hi Garry,

I want to thank you for the recent hypnosis CD’s . I am a stand up comedian and decided to try your public speaking CD as I have been experiencing self doubt and confidence issues which have been interfering with my work progress. I used your CD hours before I was due to perform, and just had to send you an e-mail to tell you how much it helped. I do not think I have ever felt so confident and at ease during a performance. It was brilliant, my performance was very focused and my mind did not run off as it normally does when the nerves set in. I have had hypnosis before, and have spent hundreds of dollars with a hypnotherapist, but the outcome was nowhere near as good as your CD, thank you so much. So again I applaud you for your amazing work you do in helping others get the most out of life, you have really helped me shine brighter.

All the Best, Vera Mackney

Vera Mackney
Stand up Comedy

Very quick to receive and awesome product.

Self Esteem

Professional caring and honest advice and service. THANK YOU.

Weight Control

CD & MP3 Feedback

This really helps me get back to sleep and fast, the recording works much better than binaural beats, isochrones and sleeping pills, I am much relieved. Very happy! Thanks!


Hi Gary,

I should have written to you sooner, but the middle of last year i bought the stop nail biting cd from you. i have suffered with nail biting since a child,i was always so embarrassed about it. thanks to you, i have stopped biting my nails. im very proud of my nails. my daughter said to me i should cut them they are too long! i had a manicure not long ago for the second time and the lady commented on how beautiful my nails were,and it was good to see someone with real nails! many thanks to you!


Biting Nails

Great CD, worked first time!! And its been 8 days now without any alcohol.


I cant believe its working, already seeing results, So Happy!!

Weight Loss & Self Esteem

AWESOME! I have already lost almost 10kgs since I’ve had the CD! Eating Less and exercising!

Weight Loss

EXCELLENT HYPNOTHERAPY, I have cut ciggies out of my life. THANK YOU

Quit Smoking

Thanks for the great item, I can feel the difference already.

Self Esteem

Thank You—Awesome CD


Tried to eat HOT CHIPS—YUK—it sure works.

Weight Loss