Exercise Motivation


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Do you find that you are always making excuses when it comes to starting or continuing an exercise regime, you might hear yourself saying, “I’m to tired to exercise” or “there’s not enough time in the day”, or “too much going on in my working life, I will start exercising tomorrow, or next week”.

Now we all understand that daily exercise will make us healthier, energetic, and happier in our lives, but we keep putting it off until the next day, or next week, or we start an exercise fitness regime, and after a week we lose the motivation to keep going!

And if you do not keep up a regular exercise regime, it can lead to health issues, becoming over weight, which leads to diminishing self esteem and dissatisfaction with our physical appearance. And you can diet all you want, but it needs to be combined with exercise, and only then will you see the weight dropping off your body!!

Listening to this self hypnosis recording on a regular basis will keep fresh in your subconscious mind, the positive motivation suggestions, to keep up or start your exercise regime, and relax and enjoy, and look forward each day to you exercise, whether its running, walking, boxing for fitness, or going to the gym, and achieve the fitness level you desire in your life.

Find more energy and zest in your daily life, happiness and joy through daily exercise. A Healthier, energized and stronger you is just within your grasp, so take hold of it and move forward in your life.

Its time for a change in your life!

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