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How Hypnotherapy works

Hypnosis is a way of helping people feel very relaxed and responsive to suggestions and ideas that are going to help them, and when in the hypnotic trance state, Hypnotherapy can commence. A Hypnotherapist may use deep relaxation techniques to address the sub conscious mind, bypassing the conscious minds barriers and beliefs. The individual then experiences hypnosis in a deeply relaxed state with access to levels that are normally hidden from your conscious mind, allowing the therapist to re-program negative and self-limiting unconscious patterns, helping correct the source of an existing symptom or problem. The ideas and suggestions by the therapist are absorbed into your unconscious mind, becoming part of your acting and thinking. Your thoughts, perceptions, feelings and behaviours can then be changed

The role of the Hypnotherapist is to guide the individual’s awareness into areas of the subconscious mind where changes can take place. This method requires cooperation and commitment to the process from the individual, resulting in a team effort between the individual and the Therapist.

The Therapist then becomes a facilitator, accessing your sub-conscious in its relaxed state. The relaxed state then becomes receptive to positive ego strengthening messages, for motivation, self-esteem, or the individual’s goal in life. Relaxation techniques are used for stress and anxiety, and cognitive therapy for challenging the irrational beliefs that our fears and phobias are out of proportion. Therapy can range from between 1 to 3 sessions, depending on the individual and the type of issue being treated.